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12 Movies of Christmas Film Festival December 2, 2022 - December 21, 2022

12 Movies of Christmas Film Festival December 2 ~ 15
 and Wednesday, December 21 for "It's A Wonderful Life"


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Show Dates
Thu, Dec. 15 - 7:00P
Wed, Dec. 21 - 2:00P

Violent Night December 2, 2022 - December 15, 2022

Rated: R
Runtime: 1hr55min
Genre: Dark Comedy/Action
Cast: David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, Beverly D'Angelo, Alexis Louder
An elite team of mercenaries breaks into a family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone hostage inside. However, they aren't prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus is on the grounds, and he's about to show why this Nick is no saint.
To View Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53e4HHnx_s

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Show Dates
Wed, Dec. 7 - 6:45P
Thu, Dec. 8 - 6:45P
Fri, Dec. 9 - 6:45P
Fri, Dec. 9 - 9:20P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 12:45P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 3:45P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 6:45P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 9:20P
Sun, Dec. 11 - 12:45P
Sun, Dec. 11 - 3:45P
Sun, Dec. 11 - 6:45P
Mon, Dec. 12 - 6:45P
Tue, Dec. 13 - 6:45P
Wed, Dec. 14 - 12:45P
Wed, Dec. 14 - 6:45P
Thu, Dec. 15 - 6:45P

Strange World November 23, 2022 - December 14, 2022

Rated: PG
Runtime: 1hr45min
Genre: Adventure/Animated/Family
The feature film introduces a legendary family of explorers, the Clades, as they attempt to navigate an uncharted, treacherous land alongside a motley crew that includes a mischievous blob, a three-legged dog and a slew of ravenous creatures. “Inspired by classic adventure stories," said director Don Hall, “‘Strange World’ is an original animated adventure/comedy about three generations of the Clade family who overcome their differences while exploring a strange, wondrous and oftentimes hostile world.”
To View Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKh2G73gCCs

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Show Dates
Wed, Dec. 7 - 7:15P
Thu, Dec. 8 - 7:15P
Fri, Dec. 9 - 7:15P
Fri, Dec. 9 - 9:15P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 1:15P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 4:15P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 7:15P
Sat, Dec. 10 - 9:15P
Sun, Dec. 11 - 7:15P
Mon, Dec. 12 - 7:15P
Tue, Dec. 13 - 7:15P
Wed, Dec. 14 - 1:15P
Wed, Dec. 14 - 7:15P

DEVOTION November 23, 2022 - December 8, 2022

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 2hr15min
Genre: Action/War/Drama
Cast: Glen Powell, Jonathan Majors, Joe Jonas,Daren Kagasoff, Serinda Swan
Devotion, an aerial war epic based on the bestselling book of the same name, tells the harrowing true story of two Elite fighter pilots, Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner, who become the U.S. Navy's most celebrated wingmen during the Korean War. 
To View Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCDEGP6VjYY

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Show Dates
Thu, Dec. 8 - 6:30P