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PRETTY WOMAN February 4, 2015 - February 4, 2015
Dietrich Theater Classic Movie

Shows on Wednesday, Feb. 4  at 12pm and 7pm only

Special Ticket Price $5

Rated R

Stars: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Jason Alexander

Pretty Woman is a 1990 American romantic comedy film set in Los Angeles. Written by J. F. Lawton and directed by Garry Marshall, the film stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and features Hector Elizondo, Ralph Bellamy (in his final performance), Laura San Giacomo and Jason Alexander in supporting roles. The story of Pretty Woman centers on the down-on-her-luck Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward who is hired by a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and their developing relationship over the course of Vivian's week-long stay with him. 

Originally intended to be a dark cautionary tale about class and prostitution in Los Angeles, this motion picture was reconceived as romantic comedy with a large budget. It was widely successful at the box office, and it became one of the highest money-makers of 1990.

Today it is one of the most financially successful entries in the romantic comedy genre, with an estimated gross income of $463.4 million.[1] It is considered by many critics to be the most successful movie in the genre 


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Show Dates
Wed, Feb. 4 - 12:00P
Wed, Feb. 4 - 7:00P

Fifty Shades of Grey February 12, 2015 - March 5, 2015
Preview showing at 8:00 on February 12th

Opens February 13th

Rated:  R

Genre:  Romance

Run TIme:  1 hr 50 min

E.L. James' kinky best-seller gets the big screen treatment with this Universal Pictures/Focus Features co-production. The steamy tale details a masochistic relationship between a college student and a businessman, whose desires for extreme intimacy pen from secrets in his past. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi 

To view trailer:  http://www.fiftyshadesmovie.com/

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Show Dates
Thu, Feb. 12 - 8:00P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 1:00P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 4:00P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 7:00P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 9:30P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 1:00P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 4:00P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 7:00P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 9:30P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 1:00P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 4:00P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 7:00P
Mon, Feb. 16 - 7:00P
Wed, Feb. 18 - 12:05P
Wed, Feb. 18 - 7:00P
Thu, Feb. 19 - 7:00P
Thu, Mar. 5 - 7:00P

Kingsman: Secret Service February 13, 2015 - March 5, 2015
Opens February 13th

Rated:  R

Genre:  Mystery & Suspense

Run TIme:  2 hr

Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class), Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. (c) Fox

To view trailer:   http://www.kingsmanmovie.com/

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Show Dates
Fri, Feb. 13 - 12:45P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 3:45P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 6:45P
Fri, Feb. 13 - 9:40P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 12:45P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 3:45P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 6:45P
Sat, Feb. 14 - 9:40P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 12:45P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 3:45P
Sun, Feb. 15 - 6:45P
Mon, Feb. 16 - 6:45P
Tue, Feb. 17 - 6:45P
Wed, Feb. 18 - 12:00P
Wed, Feb. 18 - 6:45P
Thu, Feb. 19 - 6:45P
Thu, Mar. 5 - 6:45P