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The Wyoming County Cultural Center/ Dietrich Theater is excited to introduce to  you our on-screen Business Advertising.

On-screen advertising is a way to receive outstanding exposure for your business/organization. This heightened awareness is raised through our slide shows. 

The following are statistics about movie goers and advertising on screen:

v     86 % of Moviegoers are 18+ years old.

v     75 % have annual incomes of $40,000 +.

68 % own their own home.

v     71.1 % of movie viewers recall your ad one week later, compared with only 20% for television.

On-Screen Advertising has over three times the recall of television ads. 96 % of movie patrons will remember you ad one hour later, compared to only 27% for television.

 {* Note Sources: Journal of Consumer Marketing; Motion Picture Association of America; Nielson Media Research; Simmons Media Research; Market Research Institute; Exhibitor Relations, Co. Inc: USA Today}

Theater attendance is expected to triple with the 2 additional movie screens.